Original Spearmint Toothpaste Tabs: 60 Tabs

60 Plastic-free toothpaste tabs.


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Thai FDA
Glass Jar
  • Sorbital, Mannitol - sweeteners extracted from fruits
  • Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate - a foaming substance extracted from coconut
  • PVP - keep strains away from the tooth surface
  • Sodium Chloride - a gentle abrasive, capable of removing stains from teeth
  • Sodium Bicarbonate - whitening your teeth
  • Menthol, Spearmint Oil - gives you a fresh feeling
  • Talc - absorbs moisture, keeps the tabs solid and dry
  • Magnesium Stearate - improve consistency and quality control
You are completely free from:
  • SLS - a foaming substance that might cause allergy in some people
  • Paraben - a preservative substance that might trigger itching, bumps, and blister
  • Triclosan - an anti-bacterial chemical that leads you to antibiotic and antimicrobial resistance
  • Colorings, Stabilizers, and Preservatives - we do not included unnecessary stuffs in our products
Size: Length/ Width/ Height
  • 7 x 2 x 9 cm
  • Per Bottle - 160 gms
Specific Product Detail / Care:
  • Cruelty-Free: We are animal lovers (especially cats), so NEVER animal testing.
  • Reusable Packaging: Glass jars are made to last. The more you reuse, the less environmental impact they create.
  • Locally produced in Thailand: Local choices first, because we believe small is beautiful.
  • Travel-Friendly: No water included. No more messiness in your luggage.
Instructions If Any While Using:
  • 1. Chew 1 tab of CHEWW.CO
  • 2. Brush your teeth normally
  • 3. Rinse off with water
  • Caution - Please do not eat.
  • Recommendation - Suitable for kids from age of 5 years old or more
  • Keep away from moisture in a fully sealed container and avoid direct sunlight and contact with water.
Best Before:
  • 2 years from the manufacturing date
  • Free standard shipping within Thailand for all orders.
  • Grab / Same day delivery available in Bangkok upon request with extra charges.
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