1st Anniversary with Sustainability
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1st Anniversary with Sustainability

It’s been a year for Bambooyst, and I’ve decided that I’m going to try and keep you guys posted on what’s happening at our end, what we’re planning and how much of an impact all of you as part of the Bambooyst Family are making!

To start this series of blogs, let’s go back a little, a whole 365 days back, and talk about what you all have asked me so many times over the past year, Why Bambooyst?

The Birth of Bambooyst

In the first quarter of 2020, when the entire world came to a stand still thanks to our not so dear friend COVID-19 pandemic, I sat on my bed, and am sure I was amongst many others who wondered, was there any way we could have known this was coming? Were there any precautions we could have taken to prevent this? But most importantly, when can I travel again?

As curiosity took over, my mind went all over the place and I began what I call was a marathon of research. It started with “how did it begin” and “where did it come from”, and I went from one page to the other for hours and days at a stretch. Soon, as cliche as it sounds, I found myself searching for “what can I as an individual do to be help”, although I’d be lying if I said I actually did anything else except shamelessly sit in front of my tiny screen, rubbing my eyes every now and then from the strain and only getting up to go pick up my food that was being delivered to my doorstep. I had given my househelp some time off to avoid unnecessary contact and takeaway food meant less dishes to wash.

I mean that was how we were saving the world right? By staying home, and doing nothing. We were heroes.


Well, one of those fine days while I was busy being a hero ;) I stumbled upon an article that dated back to May 2018, by The Nation Thailand (https://www.nationthailand.com/national/30344702), “SPECIAL REPORT: Alarm raised as Thailand drowns in plastic trash”.

This particular phrase from the article read “The plastic problem is actually serious, just like other global environmental problems. But we did not see it, as it did not appear to our eyes – not until recent years,”... and it forced me to think of something that I had given a thought to multiple times, but never really done anything about. “The plastic problem”.

Imagine, I sat there for days, absorbed into finding a way to see how I could do something to make the current situation better, while I was completely blinded and oblivious to the carbon footprint I was leaving, making a bigger problem for the future.

And it wasn’t just that, as I read more about this issue, I found out that as much as 3,432 tonnes of plastic was thrown away in the Thai capital each day in April [2020 alone], up from the previous year’s average of 2,115 tonnes.. Contaminated items, from takeaway bags to containers, bottles and cups, made up more than 80%. (https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-thailand-plastic-idUSKBN22N12W “Plastic piles up in Thailand as pandemic efforts sideline pollution fight)

That’s a huge number I thought, but what can I do about it as an individual? I’m sure you’ve realised by now that the phrase “curiosity kills the cat” does not work on me, I went on another marathon of research and started looking at all the different ways individuals can help with this problem.

I started to look for alternatives to plastic, and after spending lots of time, I realised there were not many sustainable alternatives to single use products, and the ones that did exist were not very pocket-friendly. This is when I knew I had to do something. I was going to work on putting together sustainable alternatives to single-use products, at a cost effective and affordable price, that would actually allow EVERYONE to be able to do their bit.

In July 2020, Bambooyst was founded as a small step towards sustainability and a platform to provide eco-friendly, sustainable, and stylish solutions to consumers, helping reduce single use products & plastic pollution and move towards the reusable alternatives to one time use straws, cups, bottles etc.

Why bamboo? Because bamboo is a magic material.

Few quick reasons are:

*It’s an eco-friendly and sustainable material
*It is grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers
*It grows rapidly and can be harvested in just 3-5 years making it vastly available
*It can be used to create numerous products as it is versatile & durable

The ongoing pandemic today is a great reminder to us that there is no plan B for our planet. We may find a vaccine for the medical concerns, but what about the plastic problem? There is no vaccine for that. I’ve said it before, the world as it stands today is like a ticking time bomb. If we sit around and wait, it will explode. The good news is, making green lifestyle changes can be as simple as you’d like it to be. It was very recent for me too, I started to make small lifestyle changes that helped me make a small difference in this huge problem we will continue to face.

Keep reading this space to find out next what we as a Bambooyst family have achieved so far and what we intend to keep doing together with your support. 
For now, avoid single-use products as much as you can. We may not be able to do everything, but we all can do something. It’s important to start now, every bit matters!

The type of lifestyle we choose is important for our overall quality of life. Follow our journey on @bambooyst and let’s make our planet better for the future generation.